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Hi! My name is Eva
I am traveler, designer and model
My life credo it is a reasonable consumption and nature respect. I try to find beauty in all corners of the world and make this world more beautiful
Frankly speaking, I was a careerist. I worked hard, managed the whole department in the IT industry, controlled men and thought that such a life was the norm. Until I realised that my lifestyle squeezes all the juices out of me and provokes constant stress.

I do not know how long this Iron Lady would have held out, but a stronger man appeared in my life, and everything changed. My beloved one saw something very special in me that I myself could not see and admit: "Relax, you are cool, everything is fine!" With his attention, care and love, a healthy self-esteem started to be cultivated. That's how I realized that the true disclosure of female qualities is possible only next to a man who develops his male.

My creative abilities were strongly inspired by our trip to Asia. Amid the vibrant history of the ruins of the Angkor Wat in Cambodia, I suddenly felt the inexhaustible power of the universal unity: male and female. I was pierced by all that feminine, with which this world is so rich, and I saw how feminine energy directs masculine.
Since then, my work has been aimed at manifesting the unity of masculine and feminine in all forms. I found out that the easiest way to express this integrity is throughout style and clothing. Everything that is presented in my boutique is about love and unity.

A woman becomes beautiful and contributes her beauty to a man. His potential disclosures with her beauty. For the sake of his goddess, a man is capable of feats, thereby raising himself to the level of a deity. This is a beautiful dance of Shiva and Shakti, worshiped by all traditions and cultures.

Let this dance be light and beautiful!

Perform it by yourself and invite your beloved man to share this celebration with you.
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