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Pray for Ukraine
Hello My name is Eva. For the past three years I live on the small island Koh Phangan in Thailand. Few years ago i established small business Eva Moon Boutique with beautiful bohemian closes made with love by myself and another talented designers from different parts of the world mostly from Ukraine

As of my base production I chose my home city Kiev in Ukraine because of its exceptional quality and talented designers. In 2021 i went to Ukraine to participate in Ukrainian Fashion where I meet so many partners...We had so many plans and were inspired to grow together.

But Putin's invasion destroyed everything… My production is shut down. But I'm lucky to be out of the country here in Thailand. Most of my friends and partners are on the battlefield protecting our country. A lot of women and their children left their homes and businesses. But even from here I have the opportunity to support Ukrainian people who suffer the most at this time.

I will donate 20% of all my website internet sales to Donation Found
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Thank You for support. I pray for Ukraine.

Sending You love and Light

Eva Moon